Richard C. Lanza is a senior research scientist in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT. His interests are primarily in the area of developing novel techniques and instrumentation for nuclear and radiation detection, including for the detection of special nuclear materials. His work has included particle and radiation detectors, image reconstruction, high-speed electronics, neutron radiography, neutron tomography, accelerator based isotope production, neutron phase-contrast imaging, land mine detection, remote sensing, standoff detection for nuclear materials, and nuclear forensics. He served on the 2012 American Physical Society review of the Defense Nuclear Detection Office, as and on review committees for the DOE Domestic Intelligence Division (IN-10), the FAA, and the National Academy of Sciences. He has been an Expert Advisor to the International Atomic Energy Agency and is the past chairman of the IEEE Radiation Instrumentation Steering Committee. He has more than 150 papers published in these areas and has been awarded 18 patents.

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