Associated Laboratories

Cambridge Laboratory for Accelerator Surface Science

The Cambridge Laboratory for Accelerator-based Surface Science uses combines a 2 MV tandem ion accelerator, dedicated materals analysis and implantation beamlines, and a linear plasma device for precision studies of materials surface science, including plasma-material interactions, optics engineering, and semiconductor processing.

The Vault Laboratory for Nuclear Science

With a high-current 1.5 MV tandem ion accelerator, a powerful D-T neutron generator, and a heavily shielded underground facility, the Vault Laboratory is designed to accomodate high-energy particle production and radiation-intensive experiments for material surface analysis, radiation damage, and nuclear security.

Laboratory for Nuclear Security and Policy

MIT's Laboratory for Nuclear Security and Policy combines the technical expertise of nuclear scientists with the strategic understanding of policy makers to forge a more comprehensive approach to the security and nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. Active research includes technology impact on nonproliferation policy, active interrogation methods for smuggled nuclear materials, and nuclear disarmament treaty verification.