Zachary S. Hartwig is a postdoctoral fellow at MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center and present recipient of the U.S. Department of Energy ORISE Fellowship in the Fusion Energy Sciences. His achievements include being selected as a Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow in 2012 and awarded the MIT Del Favero Prize in Nuclear Science and Engineering in 2014. He received his Ph.D. in Nuclear Science and Engineering from MIT in 2013, where his doctoral research focused on the development of an in-situ, accelerator-based diagnostic for investigating the interactions of magnetically confined fusion plasma and the plasma-facing materials that compose the first wall. His current research includes the development of particle detectors and accelerator-based techniques for nuclear security, fusion materials analysis, and material damage, as well as conceptual designs of compact fusion energy reactors. Prior to coming to MIT, he recieved his B.A. in Physics from Boston University, where his experimental work in particle physics focused on precision measurements of muon properties as tests of the Standard Model. His technical expertise includes advanced radiation detector development, digital data acquisition systems, ion beam analysis of materials, fundamental nuclear data measurements, and Monte Carlo particle transport simulations.

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