Kevin Woller is working towards a Doctorate of Science in Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT. Kevin developed and implemented the elastic recoil detection capabilities of the CLASS lab and rehabilitated the Tandetron accelerator’s ability to reach full terminal potential. He also led the acquisition and installation of the Alphatross ion source for the CLASS accelerator. He is currently studying the effects of helium irradiation of tungsten and molybdenum under fusion reactor relevant conditions using the DIONISOS helicon plasma device. Kevin supplements his ion beam analysis research with electron and helium ion microscopy. He received a B.S. in Engineering Physics from Tarleton State University of Stephenville, Texas in 2009. As an undergraduate research assistant, Kevin conditioned and maintained a 1.0 MV Pelletron accelerator and RF charge exchange ion source. Kevin’s senior capstone project centered on utilizing renewable energy sources for rural sustainability.

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